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I'm new!

Hello I’m new to this community. I guess I joined it not only to talk with other people that understand, but also to stay strong. I have been a self-injurer for around three years now, but I am in recovery. Well was… I was in psychotherapy for a while until my mother made me stop going because she said the lady keep trying to make me take pills that I didn’t need not to mention telling her that I had all this different metal illnesses that I was never tested for in the first place. It made my mother mad so she took me out and I haven’t cut for around half a year and I would like to keep it that way. I guess I miss talking to someone.. That understands you know? Well anyways I guess I’m taking up a load of time. With that much said I’m out!

Much love Samantha <333

P.s : if anyone wants to talk, I’m here Sexi_Sami925@msn.com
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