*~*Alyson*~* (dying_angel101) wrote in bloodbracelet,

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hell on earth

hey its been a while since i last posted ne thing in here but here it goes i hate lyfe and most of the ppl in my lyfe. i really dont kno wat to i mean my mom's u cant talk to us about ne thing but @ the same time i kno if i tell her that i cut/scratch myself that she not goin to get it. it to the point that i jus wanna die and i dont kno how to stop this feelin inside of me. i have lost my 2nd best friend this year and well the bad part is that i still have 5 out of 6 classes with her and right now i dont even wanna she her. and well to tell the truth all i wanna do is cut or scratch or sum thing to take the pain a way or at least give me sum thing else to think a.b for a while and with these thought i kno that im not safe in my own body it jus sucks hell its to the point that i think that maybe i should tell my mom nad dad that im goin to lifestream not becuz i wanna or ne thing like that becuz i need the help to stop before i die. well i guess thats about it Alyson aka Zoi
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