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Flippin hott

Hmm...Welp I have no offical quit cutting..I have been clean for about 1 year now...I am proud..I use to think I was addicted to cutting.But I was only addicted to the thought of hurting myself more.I thought I needed it to be happy but I am actually happier now than I was then..I mean Im still not a freaking cookie case that thinks the world is her friend cause I still hurt but I dont depend on my razors, safety pins, etc. to get me through the day. Im not saying anyone should quit, cause I use to hate it when people told me I should quit, but concider it and try it..I only did it for my boyfriend and now I would have never began...but It made me stronger to relize that I can face hurt or tears not with a razor but with my voice..I g2g
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wow thats great if only i was as strong as you keep up the good work and stay strong. >*_*< Alyson