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gargling with glass

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This is a community designed for people who like to talk about their SI. Cutters are the desired members, but other forms are acceptable as well. Pictures are welcome, but please, do not abuse this privelage--LJ-cut! A story of how you began is desired before your first post, and please keep posts focused. If you harass anyone, you will be kicked out. If you are an anonymous poster and harass, this community will stop allowing anyonymous posters.

Don't bash anyone because you don't believe that their form of SI isn't noteworthy. It's not your job to decide who's worthy. Also, this is not a competition. It's just a community started to discuss different styles of cutting, problems that have arisen because of it, and a lot of the other things that go along with the practice.

We do not aim to help people 'cure' their cutting habits, but someone may be able to provide some advice if they so choose. Do not, however, expect help.

Thank you.