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i like the big picture but hate the detail

ok, sunday night i was at my grandma's house and i was watching tv in a seperate room and then i go out side to the family room and sit with my sis on the couch. then she says "i'm telling mommy and daddy" i say ok and then walk back to the room i was in before and shortly after she comes in too. so we are all alone. so she sits down and is making jewelry and she says "i'm gonna tell them becuase you did it" i say ok. she says " aren't you even gonna apologize, say sorry, beg me not to tell them?" would it help? i say. she says "no" and i tell her ok. so she leaves with her jewerly cause its dinner time and follow her, i have to eat too, you know. i wasn't freaking out, i was just worried when she would tell them and i had to get my story together, maybe pull out a sympathy card or something. i don't know, i probably wouldn't but atleast i have my options. so then the night goes on and she says nothing of the sorts. and then my mother tells me that i am going with rena cause she wants to ride with my dad. i say fine and hop in my sister's car. then my sister waits awhile to tell me that she won't tell them as long as i don't do it anymore, like the many times i promised but broke, and that i had to talk to her once a week to tell her whats going on.
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I don’t know you and I probably never will, but I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving. I hope you have plenty of things in your life to be thankful for. If you don’t really have anything going on tomorrow, at least you can know someone is thinking about you. Please have a great day.