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hey hey

hey well ne who im Zoi and im 14 and well i have scratached off and on for half a year. well i really dont kno wat too ne more i tried to stop for good but sum thing alwayz happenes i dont kno why its jus does. well i guess that is it ~Zoi

oooo ne one who wants to talk or that has ne ? can im me e-mail me or jus leavea comment.
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How long have you been cutting? Of course it's gonna be hard to stop, old habits are hard to break, you just have to take it slowly, I used to cut a lot too but I brought it down, I don't do it half as much as I used to, what I would do when I wanted to cut is either write or just lay down with the radio on, well if my advice didn't help I'm sorry, but I'll be here if you need anyone to talk to, even if I am just someone you don't know.
off and on for 6 months and thanxs i kno wat u mean i stoped for a/b 3 months and then i had the knife and i was really upset and well u kno. and thanxs and the same goes for u if u ever jus wanna talk my s/n for aim is sk8ersweeti14 andmy e-mail is dying_angel@mipnet.net *~*Zoi*~*
Well, I guess it hasn't been too long, thanks. My aim is devilstear831, and my email address is rock_faerie831@yahoo.com feel free to email me whenver you want and I'll most likely write back as soon as I get it, I always do.